Ulasan Buku: Norwegian Wood

Judul buku: Norwegian Wood
Penulis: Haruki Murakami
Tarikh baca: 24/02/2015

Finished another Murakami's. The second book after Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki. A very great story with suicide as one of the main issues to be dealt with. Reminds me of Sorrows of Young Werther. Whether suicide is a cowardly act, or the exact opposite. Is death the end, or is it another beginning? People who commit suicide, are they trying to fade to black, or simply to be reborn again in a better shape?

Who you are today, what you are today, where you are today, are all caused by that one word, act or simply ommision. So, would things turn out the other way around if you chose not to act the way you had? If you were given another chance to go back to that very moment, will you take the opportunity so you can make amend with your future? Or simply live life as it is?

I want to know more about Midori, though.

P/s: Not recommended for kids.