She Wore Red Trainers by Naima B. Roberts

She Wore Red Trainers by Naima B. Roberts 👟 Revolves the life of young Amirah who learns to be a responsible adult while handling matters of household as her mother tries to keep up with life when she was left by her husband (Amirah's father). When Amirah has to care for her fatherless siblings, she has to manage her own heart issues when Ali suddenly appears into her life. Go through the struggles of a young Muslim lady surviving in life just like each and everyone of us, balancing between duties and her own inner searches. Sneak peeks to share; "...of course, I was raised a Muslim, and I knew things in theory; Quran, Sunnah, halal, haram. But studying it properly with the scholars made me see it in a different light. We're blessed with a beautiful deen, an amazing legacy. We just dont appreciate it" "It's just so easy to take the blessing of iman for granted, especially when you didnt choose it; your parents did" My friend bought this as Dakwah Corner Bookstore - find one in Ampang Park & Bangi Gateway. KLCC Kinokuniya should has it as well. Price almost RM50 - by 🍉 #instabooks #books #bookstagram #igbooks #booklovers #bookworm #instabuku #bookishire #igread #bacabuku #literature #reader #read #read4Malaysia #goodreadsMalaysia #bibliophile #booksoninstagram #booknerd #bookgram #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature

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